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Brooklyn Heights

Behr house“Brooklyn, Once the Third Largest City in America”

Brooklyn Heights, New York City’s first suburb, was largely developed before the Civil War.  The picturesque streets have been home to famous artists, politicians and businessmen. Much of the neighborhood has been featured in movies – –  Moonstruck, Prizzi’s Honor and countless others. Baby boomers will remember the popular theme song from the classic sitcom The Patty Duke Show, whose title character “has only seen the sights a girl can see from Brooklyn Heights.”

Elegant 19th century row houses featuring many architectural styles: Greek Revival, Federal, Italianate, Queen Anne and Romanesque, line the streets of Brooklyn Heights.  The Heights has a colorful history. Walt Whitman, Arthur Miller and Truman Capote lived and wrote here. Still standing is a private mansion which housed both a brothel and a Franciscan monastery.

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