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Central Park

“New Ythumb_4575_1024ork City’s Urban Oasis”

More than 25 million people visit Central Park every year. This sanctuary of 843 acres comprises 6% of Manhattan. Central Park boasts 36 bridges, 21 playgrounds, more than 275 species of migratory birds, 26,000 trees, and dozens of specialty gardens.

thumb_DSC00394_1024Many New Yorkers claim the Park as their “backyard.” The City’s urban oasis is infused with history, architecture, natural nooks and crannies and hidden gems. The park’s 58 miles of pathways lead to monuments, fountains, ponds, meadows, woods, performance venues, athletic fields, a delightful zoo and an old fashioned carousel.

Rest and reflect while sitting on one of the 9,000 benches. It’s an amazing place to “people watch” or just sit back and take in the stunning vistas.

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