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Chinatown and Little Italy

“2 Square Miles Crammed With Tradition”

Chinatown and Little Italy, two historic and celebrated Lower East Side neighborhoods, are a must see for any visitor to the City. New Yorkers enjoy the auththumb_my china town street_1024entic cuisine in the many restaurants, purchase fresh herbs, cheeses, fish and hard-to-find traditional groceries.

Chinatown started in a storefront. The neighborhood flourished and grew into the largest Asian community in the United States. Today’s residents represent many regions of China and most countries in Southeast Asia.
The winding, crowded and often hectic streets of Chinatown were once the center of the notorious Five Points District. Pass by open bins of colorful candies, trinkets, tea shops, and mahjong parlors. They stand alongside herbalists, fish mongers and Asian newsstands.

Walking on narrow Mulberry Street in Little Italy, you’ll be enticed by the sights, sounds and smells of the family owned restaurants, small grocery stores and pastry shops. Once the heart of a flourishing Italian population, the neighborhood was the site of the original St. Patrick’s Cathedral. At the end of your ManhattanWalks tour, enjoy a cannoli and a cup of cappuccino at an outdoor café.

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