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Greenwich Village

“The Home of New York City’s Famous and Infamous”GV Bitter End

For those wishing to experience the ambiance of a small town within a teeming metropolis, head to Greenwich Village. Charming crooked streets are filled with culture, history and renowned institutions of learning and creativity. Woven into this invigorating environment are cafés, boutiques, entertainment venues and a vibrant street life.

History abounds on every corner. Known for its bohemian life style, Greenwich Village was once a northern suburb of New York City. Its most recognizable landmark, Washington Square Arch, was built in 1898 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of George Washington’s inauguration.

Greenwich Village is sometimes said to be the unofficial headquarters of the City’s counterculture. It has witnessed decades of well-known artistic, political and social movements. Bohemians, beatniks, hippies, and the avant-garde have all called it home.

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