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Lower East Side

“The Lower East Side, Then and Now”

From 1883 to 1924, waves of Irish, Italian, Eastern European, Hispanic and Asian immigrants landed at thumb_021_1024Castle Garden and Ellis Island. The majority settled in the Lower East Side.

At one time the majority of the Eastern European Jews in New York City called the Lower East Side their home. Of the several hundred shuls (synagogues) that were in existence during that time, less than two dozen remain active today.

Join Marty on a nostalgic walking tour of this neighborhood. View the tenements on whose fire escapes people once slept on hot summer nights and stored their food in the winter’s cold. Walk the streets where pushcarts once stood. Packed within a 1.5 mile radius, you will see the past and present Lower East Side – among the many places to visit are the Jewish Daily Forward building, the historic Eldridge Street Synagogue, and the Henry Street Settlement.

A fun tour option is to eat your way through the Jewish Lower East Side! Tour and nosh at the same time.

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